Luke Day: Illustrator

Wacom Rooftop Terrace: May 26 @ 11:15

Unlike past years, breakouts are now hosted during an extended 60 minute intermission. Cruising between talks and breakouts has never been easier or more accessible.

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May 26 2017



Luke Day


Gold Coast


Luke Day

Luke Day is a freelance designer / illustrator based in South-East Queensland, Australia. In between chasing waves, Day is owning the balance between a strong style and a high degree of flexibility. His work is a playful combination of carefully hand-crafted typography and minimalist illustration. Through his organic progress, Day is fast becoming one to watch, working with brands across the globe, including Element Skateboards, Belief NYC and The Quiet Life.

The Design Conference will be offering insights into Day’s techniques, using a Wacom Cintiq tablet device. To guarantee your seat, make sure you upgrade your registration with priority seating. Standing room will be available.